Make Your Own AR Popup Book Presentation

tmpLightning Talk by Andrew Roth: How to Make your own Augmented Reality Popup book in 5 minutes. Based on the projects we did with the Toronto Museum Project and the Ontario Science Centre we are distributing a DIY kit for creating your own FLARToolkit pop-up book. See it in action at OSC, Toronto, Requiem, click on the links on each page to download the source. Each source contains a reusable .swf you can populate with images just by editing the file playlist.xml. You can even make your own marker, create a pattern at Marker Generator Online , add it to the data folder and just swap out the name of your new .pat in pattern path=”data/oscmkrb16.pat” in the file flarConfig.xml.

Download the Source.

“Thank you so much to the organizers at Site 3 for hosting this event and inviting me to present”.

The presentation slides available on Andrew Roth’s website:
“Make Your Own Augmented Reality Pop-up Book” Presentation Slides